Correctly install and use the driving recorder, the wrong position will affect the traffic safety

Driving recorder

Most drivers install a dash cam in their car to record their driving situation. When they are touched or forced to violate regulations, the content recorded by the dash cam is good video evidence. When installing the driving recorder, if you install it incorrectly, you will be punished. Then, how to install the driving recorder correctly?

1. Cannot replace the rearview mirror

Some car owners will directly remove the rearview mirror, and then install the driving recorder in the position of the rearview mirror. This installation actually has a big safety hazard, because the functions of the rearview mirror and the driving recorder are completely different. The rearview mirror is mainly used to observe the situation behind the vehicle, and it is very important when reversing or changing lanes. The driving recorder is only used to record what is happening in the front, and cannot see the back, so the driving recorder cannot replace the rearview mirror at all. Once the traffic police finds out that the owner of the vehicle replaces the rearview mirror with a driving recorder, he will be punished.


2. Can’t block the driver’s sight

Some car owners will install the driving recorder in the front of the main driving position. This installation will block the driver’s vision to a certain extent, and the driver will have a blind spot in the driver’s car. Coupled with the occlusion of the driving recorder, a new blind spot will be added and driving safety will be seriously affected. It is also easy to distract the driver when installed in front of the driver, so the driving recorder cannot be installed in front of the driver.

3. The correct installation position

There is no clear and rigid requirement for the installation position of the driving recorder. The best installation position is under the rearview mirror or on the back. These two positions will not affect the use of the rearview mirror, nor will it hinder the driver’s sight. .