During the epidemic (COVID-19) ,these things must be indispensable when you drive out

The epidemic is severe, in response to national requirements, we try to stay at home to reduce contact with the crowd. However, when you have to go out, you must pay attention to safety when going out. Public transportation is more risky, if you have car, driving cars will be more safer. So what do you need to pay attention to when driving out during an epidemic?

I think three devices are essential:

1. Masks

2. Hand soap

3. Driving recorder

Masks and hand sanitizers are well understood. Isolation of germs and frequent hand washing are basic requirements. The driving recorder is what I want to emphasize here. Why do you say that? Everyone is familiar with the driving recorder, which can record the travel conditions. At present, COVID-19 is highly contagious. In case you are unfortunately infected, you must protect your family and others. At that time, it is very important to find out where you have been and determine your path and contact history. Driving memory record can help you complete this job well.

 Now, so many driving recorders have 1080P camera pictures, plus a wide viewing angle, which can record the situation very well. For example, the Yikoo H20 driving recorder is a best product that supports front and rear dual cameras with 1080P resolution. 


After the epidemic has passed, the driving recorder is also a very valuable product. In addition to recording driving conditions, it also supports parking monitoring and is equipped with Star night vision, WDR wide dynamic contrast technology and F2.0 large aperture configuration. Able to guarantee high-quality recording of video at night.


Finally, the author would like to say that one of the lessons learned from this epidemic is that we must pay attention to risks and do not zoom in. Usually we don’t think it is not important to install a driving recorder. Once we encounter an unexpected situation, we realize the importance of this equipment.



Post time: Mar-13-2020
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