How to choose a driving recorder? You’ll know after reading these

As cars travel on tens of thousands of households for more than a thousand years, a series of vehicle configurations have also been applied, and configurations such as rear-mounted radar and rear-mounted images have gradually become popular. When it comes to the most basic driving configuration, driving a video recorder is a matter of course. How to choose The appropriate driving recorder has become an important topic, and today we have chosen a driving style that suits us.

The main function of the drive recorder usually records our starting situation, please make it clear, that is, in the event of an accident, do not take responsibility for each other, in order to make unnecessary failures leave clear video evidence, we choose The point is to record the driving conditions completely and clearly.

Therefore, when choosing a recording device, we first pay attention to its vividness. We need to observe the pedestrian’s face and license plate correctly. Usually, we can choose 1080P resolution. Low-resolution video is not too ambiguous. The clear video is too large to save, and frequent replacement of the memory card will also cause unnecessary problems. However, most of the 1296P resolution driving recorders on the market are basically more gimmick than the strength, generally not exceeding the 1080P resolution.