The driving recorder is so important, why can’t it become the standard equipment of the car factory!

The driving recorder is indeed one of the most important equipment in automotive supplies. All car friends know the importance of the driving recorder: to ensure the safety of the car itself, to provide evidence for traffic accidents, to damage the car, and to find the source of the damage , Is the most important point to prevent such fraudsters who deliberately touch the porcelain. Since the driving recorder is so important, then why don’t the car manufacturers use it as the factory standard?

1. The needs of users are different. The market demand for driving recorders is relatively large, but not every car owner wants to install a driving recorder. This is not necessarily because different countries do not require the installation of a driving recorder. There are many others. The car owner will also save a fee and choose not to install a driving recorder.

2. Cost considerations for car manufacturers: Because every big brand car sells tens of millions each year, if an accessory is added, the manufacturing cost will come with a large amount of money, as mentioned in point 1. Said that the driving recorder is not a must-have for every consumer, so there is no need for automakers to increase such a large additional cost.

3. Long automobile R&D cycle and fast updating of driving recorder: According to the production of automobile manufacturers, it takes at least 3-6 years for a new car to be sold to the market from initial research and development. The automobile production cycle is long and the driving recorder products are different. A new driving recorder product is basically on the market in one year, and it is constantly updated and changed every year, so the production cycle of the car and the production cycle of the driving recorder are too different, which will cause the car manufacturer to invest the energy of the master And time can’t keep up with the needs of consumers.

4. Not mandatory by countries in the world: Driving recorder equipment is very popular in the Chinese market, but China does not mandate the installation of driving recorders, and some foreign countries do not allow the installation of driving recorders, and they do not touch porcelain! Therefore, automobile consumers in each country have different views on the use of dash cams. Although Germany can allow the installation and use of dash cams, car owners or traffic do not have the right to disclose the video data of the dash cam, so dash cams It cannot be used as evidence of a traffic accident.